Building Owners/Facility Management

Is your roof a source of concern? Maybe you are the Facilities Manager of a large shopping centre, a business owner or simply a homeowner. Roof Survey provide a complete range of services from electronic testing of roof elements, project management to roof condition surveys. If you suspect your roof was badly installed or is covered with inferior, unsuitable products – give us a call. Whatever the problem, we can help solve it. Does your roof consistently leak? It can be very difficult to pinpoint a breach on a flat roof, as the water can travel considerable distances before becoming visible. Our objective is to take the mystery and expense away from problematic roofs using modern, state of the art equipment – causing little, or no disruption for your home or business. We can also design an inspection programme/schedule for your roof asset to monitor and prolong its service life and give you peace of mind.

Roofing Manufacturers/Roofing Contractors

Roof Survey work closely with suppliers, manufacturers and contractors. Our team are often tasked with interim/final inspections of new roof installations to enable the completion of the warranty terms before handover to the client. Roof contractors often engage us to electronically test existing roofs to highlight issues and pinpoint water ingress. Roof Survey can also produce CAD details, tender documentation and detailed estimates, as often required by roofing contractors. Another key service we provide is the delivery of CPD presentations to construction professionals as often required by roofing manufacturers and suppliers.

Construction Professionals

At Roof Survey we work closely with Architects, surveyors and engineers. We can test and survey any roof element for defects and pinpoint leaks. Our team can assess tender documentation, specifications and design details for inefficiencies and potential future problems. We will examine a roof in terms of suitability, installation and integrity, using tools such as condensation risk analysis, rainwater capability and u-value calculations. If you have any doubts regarding a new or existing roof, please contact us.

Insurance Companies

Many roofs throughout Ireland are subject to big weather events and violent storms. The damage caused by such events to roof elements can be quite extensive. However, in many cases the damage to these roofing areas can be directly contributed to poor design, unsuitable specification or bad workmanship. Roof Survey work closely with various Insurance organisations to produce detailed reports outlining issues with problematic roofs.